Goodnight Daddy 🥰

They say there is a spiritual divine force to hold your hand in toughest times, cherish your human soul and manoeuvre your path in life.

Here’s wishing that pellucid force in my life a very good night. My safest place.

This one is for the greatest blessing I was bestowed upon the moment I entered this world.

To the man who has redefined the word “Hope” for me. To the person, I inherited my strength and love from. I love you.

No matter how beautifully I’ve tried to string the words together, they somehow fell short for all that is I feel about you. So just… .. …. Thank you for being my safest place. Thank you for making me realize the reality in every situation.

The man who has set the standards about love, peace, and goals for me.

Goodnight Daddy


little girl,

always and forever.



Do not rely on your own understanding of a situation. “For we walk by faith not sight” — 2 Corinthians 5:7

Have you ever caught yourself thinking, “God, It’s not suppose to be this way…”

Sometimes things happen in life that simply catch us off guard. We feel disappointed, disillusioned and we quietly start to question and wonder about God’s goodness.

In Mark:9 it tells a story of a father who came to Jesus with his son asking Jesus to heal him. Even in his asking, he still questioned — And then Jesus said to him, ” If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes.” Immediately the father of the child cried out and said with tears; “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief.”

And If you feel like this is you, and you’re in the same boat, still questioning God. Take heart, you don’t have to fight through your disappointments, tears and unanswered questions alone. God can do ANYTHING! — God can do EVERYTHING!

So how can this be the end? It’s not. There is so much more for you. Jesus is our great REDEEMER, RESTORER and ALMIGHTY SAVIOR! — He is that for YOU — HERE, NOW!

And some of his best work — HE does in the unseen. For when you least expect it, the Lord steps in and brings about your miracle. God truly is the redeemer of all! Glory to God! Amen!

Blessings and Love…😊




It’s all about You Lord
Every word I write
Describing your genuine
Love I searched for and

It is all about You
When I humbled myself
Before You, repenting
Of my sins…

While receiving
The forgiving touch
Of Your hearts love
Which satisfies and makes
A heart to feel secure

Its all about You for
Your Holy Spirit lead
Me to You, by showing
Me the failings of this
World’s false love

It is all about You
Inspiring my heart
To write praises to
Glorify You with the
lines of every single
Prayer and psalm

It is all about You
Allowing me to receive
Your blessings and
Forgiveness along with
Your favor and amazing

It is all about You
Helping me to blossom
And grow in my spiritual
Life as each day Your
Living word I embraced

It is all about You and
My belief and faith, that
You would keep your promise
To have Your Spirit guide
Me all the days of my life…

It is all about You, Lord,
Because Your love makes each
New day…beautiful!



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We all have embarrassing moments that we always hide in the closet so that no one can see. I remember one time I was late for class and I was running down the staircase. I don’t remember what exactly happened but I guess I missed a step and boom! It was a mixture of a skid, a thud , a scream and everything else that comes with all that. The position that I landed on was even worse. It was so funny that I ended up looking like I was tying my shoes and not falling.

I remember looking up just to confirm that no one had actually seen me. I wanted to get up so fast and actually pretend I was tying my shoes. I was so embarrassed.

Typically, that’s how most human beings are. When we fall, we never want to be seen in our falls.We don’t want to display our broken pieces in the open. We want to show that perfect lifestyle, but for what!! I feel like it’s time we realize that it’s okay to fall and hiding from the outcome of the fall never solves anything. You may receive criticism when you fall, whether positive or negative. Others are just going to stare and do nothing. Essentially, the outcome of what people say may build you or break you. All in all you will learn a lesson.Being overly-protective is sometimes overly-dangerous. You may be locking out potential advice. You may get negative critics but from that you learn too.

Only God is perfect. We are humans, flesh and blood so we, in one way or another will fall. It’s okay to be seen in the fall. Embrace the moment, dust yourself and move forward.



Hello loves,

Just so you know, your depression doesn’t define you.

It might feel like it does. Sometimes it might even feel like it consumes you completely, and I understand that. Because sometimes back, my depression did the same thing to me. It swallowed me whole and drowned me in self-doubt. Then, it strangled me with poisonous thoughts and convinced me I’m unworthy of love, and sometimes even life. But I’m not unworthy, and neither are you.

Depression is just pure evil that convinces you everything is wrong, including yourself. It gets inside your body, and your mind, and your soul, and it cuts you down to your very core. Depression is lonely because it’s only understandable to the people who have fought through it themselves. It’s an unexplainable nightmare you keep waking up from, but you never actually get out of.

It’s inescapable and when the people around you urge you to bring yourself out of it, you only fall in deeper.

It steals your drive of passion and takes away your will to love. It leaves you stranded all alone, feeling like a mess whose only contribution to the world is their sadness. It swallows you, and it consumes you, and then it makes you believe all you are is your depression. But you’re not. You are more, and you always have been.

You are a human being. A human who has made someone smile, and someone laugh, and someone feel. You’ve impacted people with your own smile, and your own laugh, and your own feelings. You have beliefs and passions and a journey to a destination you are destined to reach. You have your own path in life that is only meant for you and your mind to conquer. 

You’re a human who has made a difference in the world, whether you realize it or not.

You’re a friend who is needed, and a family member who is loved deeply. You’re a person who can understand something as devastating as depression and help other people who struggle with it by simply letting them know they are not alone.

You are powerful, and compassionate. You are caring, beautiful, and one of a kind. There is only one person on this planet who has everything you’ve got, and that’s you. And that makes you important, and needed, and rare.

You are an incredibly strong human being, and never try to say that you aren’t. I know you are, because you’ve felt the type of lowness that has left people utterly broken, and yet you’re still here.

You’re here, and you’re still fighting. You are not your depression. You are a warrior who fights a daily battle within yourself and survives it every single day.

You are a survivor. A human who has felt pure emptiness and lived through it. And most of all, you are someone who deserves love and the life you live, because what defines you could never be minimized to a single word, unless that word is more.

Wherever you are in the world, you’re loved. You’re God’s masterpiece 💕💕


Vast and overwhelming

You take my breath away

I wonder at your majesty

In your realm I yearn to stay

A heartbeat ceaseless rhythm

You dance in constant sway

Waves crush upon unending shore

Then retreat yonder ,far away

Did you know I love your smell and sound?

As waves splash upon my naked feet

See me sink into your white fine sands

Battling tides-that’s no mean feat!

There is no greater feeling

Than floating in your midst

Riding boisterous waves of fury

With sense of pure ,great bliss

Your mirror life’s great mysteries

Your wonders never cease

One moment calm and tempered

Then,fierce-raging like a beast

Your waters are galaxy,

Such creatures live within

Flora flourish in your realistic

Fauna thrive midst watery din

Perhaps I was born to be a sailor

To ride your waves each day!

Oh! Such it seems was not be be

It’s a lifetime ,held at bay

Yet,would that I could settle

Somewhere close,upon your shore.

And there I yearn to live my life,

Until it be no more

And so final farewell,

My simple reverie

Is of ashes shorn into your well…

That is enough for me

And you simply carry on

Ceaseless rhythm,constant sway,

Lord, thank you for such majesty,

May we protect land and ocean,I pray.




On my way to school my friend couldn’t stop ranting about how she hates being vulnerable and prefers to be uptight at all times. She spoke with so much anger and less enthusiasm and that left me seriously in thoughts.

Over the years life has taught me to always be objective in everything I do and give room for more questions in order to gain more grounds. I tried asking her why she was so angry in the first place considering the fact it was just nine in the morning. She sadly responded “I opened up to her and now I hate myself for it”. There are people we meet and open up to and they leave a sour taste in our mouth and there are those we meet and we could be with them for hours without saying a word but when we leave, it seems as though we’ve said a whole lot. There are also those we meet and open up to and our lives gets transformed positively and immediately.

The question running through my head right now is, “Is vulnerability risky?” “Is vulnerability a sign of weakness?”.

Personally I believe vulnerability is risky. It can be really scary to lower your defenses and open up your life to others. When you reveal your failures, feelings, frustrations, and fears, you risk rejection. But the benefits are worth the risk. Vulnerability is emotionally liberating. Despite the fact that some people’s lack of fidelity has made it difficult for one to open up and talk about their issues or life threatening problems, there are still good ones out there. It’s a matter of learning the hard truth from those that betrayed you, forgive yourself and them then move on. But always keep an open heart and mind at all times and never use a particular to judge a whole.

The truth is opening up to the right person relieves stress, defuse your fears, and is the first step to freedom. It’s no news that God gives grace to the humble, but many misunderstand humility. Humility is not putting yourself down or denying your strength either; rather it is being honest about your weaknesses.

The more honest you are, the more of God’s grace you get. You will also receive grace from others. Vulnerability is an endearing quality ; we are naturally drawn to humble people but pretentiousness repels. Authenticity attracts and vulnerability is the pathway to intimacy.

Let’s be real and allow people to be real around us and not take their vulnerability for granted or consider it a sign of weakness