Monthly Archives: December 2016


I thank you for the blessing of Your word

I’m overjoyed by the touch of its grace

Nothing fulfills my life as its blessing

Nothing will satisfy me more than its taste

I am moved within my soul to shed deep tears

As my happiness gives birth to lasting smiles

My joy expresses itself in inexpressible ways

For the wealth I have in You is so worthwhile

Who am I to be loved by someone so special

My gracious King who created all my eyes see

One like me of low esteem in this large world

But one who by Your love from sin was set free

My flesh once degraded, torn apart and broken

When I was tormented daily by Satan’s minions

But I found hope in Your Living word my God

As my spirit by Your grace is now strengthened

For there is such a healing power in Your word

When spoken, I found my life became very blessed

Finding in You a wonderfully sweet enduring grace

As your power made me strong within my weakness

I will lift up Your name earnestly each day Lord

So many who see me daily will now surely know

Even though weakness by sight abounds in my body

It is overcome always by my God who loves me so

His gift of salvation is alive in my life

In each and every step I now take with my God

And I will boast daily in my many infirmities

Knowing I am made strong by His awesome love.



You let me search my heart and my soul

To write of emotions within me, that I hold.

I have a friend in you, a confidante

It’s always your shoulder I seek, I want.

With patience, you have heard me rant

I seek the happiness, the peace you grant.

My writing has become my voice

That was once silent, but now has a choice.

The poetry I read here, fires my creativity

Gentle criticism soothes my sensitivity.

Some very beautiful friendships I have made

Lasting emotions that will never fade.

What I write comes straight from the heart

even the mistakes, unknowingly, on my part

But you have been patient, helped me learn

The warmth at WordPress, I will always yearn.

A girl admirable with virtue , they call her Pauline,
Her eyes gleam and scrunch; spirit and soul abiding ,
Radiant grin slides over her face capturing joys around her, 
She makes the world complete, a heavenly place.

Precise by her thoughts and magnificent by her values,                                Not only the elders but children too feel gratified. The one holding the finest legacy of beauty; 
I must say, Her passion sounds vigorous than her profession.                       

For the world, she may be unexplored,               
But to me, she is the queen of hearts.                 
I can see the craziness she creates on other minds,
But also the rejoice and tranquility she retains in herself.
Happy birthday to you my dear Pauline. 

So much loved