Monthly Archives: January 2017


My thoughts each morning rise higher
To a place, many human hearts rarely go
Rising beyond seeable sacred boundaries
And only the Lord daily knows it is so

I find my spirit touched by love each day
By a healing touch, my eyes cannot see
But I feel the pure essence of His spirit
Within my heart as it softly embraces me

I find tranquil and serene the moments
Seeking a place in His presence to dwell
Yearning to eat my full of His daily bread
Knowing in His presence I will be healed

For as the sun smiles radiantly upon me
I will seek Your love to inspire my day
Praying You will daily commune with me
In this quiet place where I choose to pray.




Everytime I smiled, each time I looked your way

With every little kiss😘, I stole your heart ♥away

When you heard me laugh and when you watched me play

When I took hold of your hand, I knew that I stole your heart ♥away

I came into your life by capturing your heart ♥

You never were the same old you, I was always a part of you…

You looked into my eyes, hear’d the things I said

No wonder, I  stole you heart ♥away  

You never would have imagined that your life would change, that I would come to you and steal your heart ♥away

I came into your life and swept you off your feet

Your forever changed and I’ll always be a part of you 

When I was fast asleep and when I woke up everytime

With each passing day I knew that I stole your heart ♥away

Everytime I smiled and each time I looked your way

With ever little kiss😘, I knew that…“I stole your heart ♥ away”