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Throughout our entire life, we have continued to feed on information thrown at us.  Education, socialization and media have continuously impacted our self-perception and thought process.

With the development of technology, ideas have been streaming from one corner to the other, most of which have led to the progression of the human life. Technology has made possible the spread of cultures and familiarized us with people who live 3000 miles away from us.

Technology is substantial but on the flip side, we have lost independence when it comes to making decisions and thinking for ourselves. After taking in so much for so long we have become zombies in that we have no sense of our individuality.

An instance is the fashion industry. Most of us are quick to buy what is trending, which is totally okay. But do we realise that all these advertisements that popularise a certain trend are just a tactic to increase sales in the shop? We are constantly promoting other peoples businesses, people who have studied the buying behaviour of women, and refuse to build our own financial accounts.

Day after day we want to acquire this and that clothes and end up piling our closets with junk that will expire in three months time.

Before you rush to buy something that was made popular by a celebrity think to yourself if it expresses who you are.

Social Media

Let’s talk Instagram!

The world has made the Kardashians such gods to idolise about. When people are suffering in the middle east and some part of Africa, it is more sensible to talk about Kim’s new hairdo. “Blonde is out, black hair is the new cool” and other shallow headlines we are made to consume.

So Rihanna got a new hairdo, let’s all run out to the salon and do the same.  We are using other peoples individuality to dictate our own.

For the longest time, I thought I would only look good with straight hair because it was the standard set in the beauty industry and the reality show stars.

I almost relaxed my hair to match this standard and thought that my kinky hair wasn’t beautiful.

The number of likes I got in a photo determined my mood. If that is not enough my self-worth. If I got around 50 likes, it meant that I wasn’t likeable or not good enough compared to my friends who got 200+ likes. if my picture got no likes in 2 minutes, I would delete it. See how one person’s self-esteem would go down because of an app.

Sadly, this is the situation of millions of girls out there who spend too much time on the internet and less trying to find themselves, developing their talents and making memories.  I wouldn’t blame them, this is what the world has become.

Some of us would go to a vacation just to take pictures and spend the remaining time to edit it, losing out on the entire experience.

Today, I would like to challenge everyone to try and find who they are without the internet. What do you like to do? what do you dislike?what cant you tolerate? what gives you excitement? most of us can’t answer this questions.

Give yourself a chance, allow yourself to be alive, for, in order for us to truly live, we have to be aware of ourselves and of the present moment.

Find out who you are before the world dictated who you should be!