Vast and overwhelming

You take my breath away

I wonder at your majesty

In your realm I yearn to stay

A heartbeat ceaseless rhythm

You dance in constant sway

Waves crush upon unending shore

Then retreat yonder ,far away

Did you know I love your smell and sound?

As waves splash upon my naked feet

See me sink into your white fine sands

Battling tides-that’s no mean feat!

There is no greater feeling

Than floating in your midst

Riding boisterous waves of fury

With sense of pure ,great bliss

Your mirror life’s great mysteries

Your wonders never cease

One moment calm and tempered

Then,fierce-raging like a beast

Your waters are galaxy,

Such creatures live within

Flora flourish in your realistic

Fauna thrive midst watery din

Perhaps I was born to be a sailor

To ride your waves each day!

Oh! Such it seems was not be be

It’s a lifetime ,held at bay

Yet,would that I could settle

Somewhere close,upon your shore.

And there I yearn to live my life,

Until it be no more

And so final farewell,

My simple reverie

Is of ashes shorn into your well…

That is enough for me

And you simply carry on

Ceaseless rhythm,constant sway,

Lord, thank you for such majesty,

May we protect land and ocean,I pray.




13 thoughts on “OCEAN REVERIE

  1. George Korsinah

    This is indeed a master piece by all standards.
    Keep it up dear,I am proud of you.
    You are a great writer.
    God bless the work of your hands.

    Liked by 1 person


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