Monthly Archives: April 2019

Goodnight Daddy 🥰

They say there is a spiritual divine force to hold your hand in toughest times, cherish your human soul and manoeuvre your path in life.

Here’s wishing that pellucid force in my life a very good night. My safest place.

This one is for the greatest blessing I was bestowed upon the moment I entered this world.

To the man who has redefined the word “Hope” for me. To the person, I inherited my strength and love from. I love you.

No matter how beautifully I’ve tried to string the words together, they somehow fell short for all that is I feel about you. So just… .. …. Thank you for being my safest place. Thank you for making me realize the reality in every situation.

The man who has set the standards about love, peace, and goals for me.

Goodnight Daddy


little girl,

always and forever.